Our Yoga Guru

Click on photos to know more about these Yoga Teacher who have been inspiration to Yogi Harishchandra and sharing their knowledge as guest faculty.


Mahesh Prasad Varma (January 12, 1914, to February 5, 2008) was born in the year 1914.

He developed the Transcendental Meditation technique and was the leader or guru of the Transcendental Meditation movement, which had been defined as a new religious movement.

Varma was known as “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi” at the beginning of 1960. He was known to be the “giggling guru” for his high-pitched laughter during interviews on television. (Read More…)


Swami Sivananda was born in 1887 in Tamil Nadu, he was then known as Kuppuswami. He was highly brilliant in his studies as well as in gymnastics.

He was naturally inclined toward spiritual and religious practices. His selfless spirit leads him to a career in the medical field. Swami Sivananda Saraswati started extremely intense daily spiritual practices and austerities for about ten years of his life. From that time Swami Sivananda became one of the most prolific Yoga teachers in the world.

His teachings spread quickly throughout our entire planet. Since there were no computers at that time he personally wrote more than two hundred books connected to Yoga and Philosophy. (Read More…)

Yogi Budhi Prakash

Yogi Budhi Prakash (1953 to ….) was born in the year 1953. He is M.A. in Hindi Literature and Yoga Philosophy. He got his first experience of Samadhi at the age of 7 years. He had a clear vision of his past life in the Himalayas.

He completed his higher education at Agra and Haridwar Universities. He got initiation in Shankaracharya Tradition through his Master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and he spent many years with his guru and practiced the Transcendental Meditation.

For deep practice, he went to a cave in the Uttarkashi Himalayas for a few years. He taught Yoga in many other countries and now he is teaching yoga in Rishikesh, India. From all over the world spiritual seekers come to him for different levels of practicing Meditation and Indian Philosophy. (Read More…)