Five Steps of Doing Meditation

Good environment: a good environment is the important part for practicing successfully meditation, place and time has their own effects in the human mind, the practice of meditation, the best time is the early morning called the “braham muhurt” between 4 to before sun raising because the atmosphere is quite and fresh air and without any noise, mind is so clear and calm without random thought that’s help to practice successfully easily.

Correct seating pose: the learning correct seating pose is the important part of the meditation, if you know the correct seating pose, you can grow very fast and easily in meditation, the correct seating pose where body is erect that means head neck and trunk must be in one straight line with support of pillow “kusan” under buttocks, the kusan neither should be too high or too low, the learning correct position is the most important part of the meditation.
Correct breathing: The third part of meditation is the correct breathing that is the most important part of meditation; everything is depend on the breathing in spiritual field, if you know the correct breathing you can grow fast in meditation. The diaphragmatic breathing is the best breathing for meditation, do the fast and diaphragmatic breathing for growing fast in meditation.

Correct technique: If you are interested to practice meditation, the most important to lean the meditation to a master who is teaching through his own experience and guided by him, he knows very well that which technique is the best for you, there are many techniques the only guru is knows according to the age and level of energy of a human body. According to the age guru know that you can practice active meditation or passive meditation.

Improvement: how you know that you are going in the right direction or not in practice of meditation, many people practice meditation long –long tine but there is no any improvement,
If you are practicing meditation and able to feel your breath below to your throat and you feel that your breath is subtle and don’t like to talk more or unnecessary that means your energy has turned upward and you are going to right direction.